Personal Learning Environments

The Article Personal Learning Environments by Andre Malan, shows educators the gaps that need to be filled with the way   teachers use teaching techniques. A personal Learning Environment was originally developed for educators to get through to the students learning needs. Andre Malan explains that changes need to be made in our educational system.

I agree with Andre Malan, but doubt that Personal Learning Environments will work with everyone. If the topic is interesting to the student then yes the student will learn. At the same time, the student has to want to learn. Not every student finds the same topics interesting, therefor I feel that this way of learning will still not be 100% successful for 100% of students.

A student that is willing to learn and finds the curriculum interesting will most likely benefit from a Personal Learning Environment.

5 thoughts on “Personal Learning Environments

  1. I agree that students take courses that they don’t necessarily care for. The fact that this happens at all points to a broken system. Students choose to go to university. They should only be doing things that are interesting to them, otherwise, what is the point?

  2. Exactly, interesting toppings will stick to a learners mind and the learner will most likely “learn and master the subject”. This issue is because of the wrong choices people make. Hopefully the learner will wake up and realize he/she is in the wrong seat.

  3. Very true. At the secondary level you see a little of that and at the college level you see a lot of that. The younger students on the other hand don’t really have a choice. That’s why it’s important for the teacher to dig deep and find out what they’re interested in. I think that even when the topic is far from the student’s area of interest that PLE’s provide an opportunity for teacher/students to find common ground. Delivery is key and the internet provides access to resources that may reach that child. PLE’s provide the tools. I do agree that PLE’s are not going to work for everyone but I think that they provide an alternative to the way information is received and understanding is expressed.

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